About Mappa Tools

Mappa Tools was founded by Bas Hemmen and Jaap Bosma. We both have a technical background. Wood and tools fascinates us.Tools are for use but we also love to collect them.

Mappa Tools designs and makes tools for woodworkers. We strive for the highest possible quality. Each piece has received our full attention. Our tools are made traditionally and with modern production techniques. The wood is selected with great care and impregnated with a synthetic resin. That makes it strong, stable and hard. And it becomes beautiful, amazingly beautiful!

We impregnate unique and beautiful pieces of wood for those who want to make handles for chisels or knives themselves. 

Our workshop is situated in Zevenhuizen close to Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

We prefer to sell our products through existing specialist stores. Because that’s where you meet enthusiasts and experts. It is essential that you can touch and feel our tools.